Planning Perspectives Inc. Company-Supplier Working Relations


Working Relations Index®

We are Focused on Measuring & Improving Company-Supplier Working Relations.

Who we are

Global boutique SRM consulting firm; world’s leading authority on company-supplier working relations

Specialize in company-supplier working relations at mid and large manufacturing and service companies in various industries for 25+ years

Focus on measuring and improving company-supplier working relations and supplier contribution to profits

How we help

Quantify current level of supplier working relations using PPI’s Working Relations Index® (WRI®)

Maximize tangible and intangible benefits from suppliers through collaborative company-supplier working relations

Improve PPI-quantified medium and long term company profit through collaborative company-supplier working relations

How We Work

Implement and analyze confidential supplier feedback surveys for client companies using academic survey and statistical methodologies

Develop PPI’s WRI® in supplier feedback analyses at various client-defined categories, e.g., by regions, annual spend, purchasing areas

Provide actionable data-supported recommendations by client-defined categories to maintain or improve company-supplier working relations

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