Supply-Base Pulse Survey

Supply Base Pulse Surveys, designed to be completed in about 15 minutes, are particularly useful for situations requiring prompt action.

PPI’s Supply-Base Pulse Survey is a customized short survey meant to focus on a client’s specific supplier-related topic. As a point of reference, PPI’s Supply Base Standard Survey and PPI’s Supply Base Custom Survey measure suppliers’ perceptions of their working relations with PPI’s clients and are centered on the Working Relations Index®.

Supply Base Pulse Surveys, designed to be completed in about 15 minutes, are particularly useful for obtaining feedback for a specific client topic that may be relevant at a given point in time. While collecting and analyzing supplier working relations feedback might be occurring every one or two years, waiting that long is often too late for a client’s urgent supplier-related issue that needs to be dealt with quickly, for example, identifying a breakdown in a specific client process dealing with its bidding process.

Also, the Supply Base Pulse Survey may be used to measure the impact on a client’s supply base that results from the implementation of a new process or an organizational change that significantly affects the supply base. The Supply Base Pulse Survey is a quick and efficient tool that permits the client to learn and understand supplier perceptions of the changes and potential revisions.

In general, the process to implement a Supply Base Pulse Survey, follows the Supply Base Standard Survey Process, but with a revised timeline, most likely shortened, as necessary for each client’s particular needs.

In those situations where it is possible to do a Supply Base Pulse Survey before and after a major process or organizational change, two such Surveys could be conducted:
  • a pre-change Survey when a major change has been announced to suppliers to obtain their first impressions about such a change
  • a post-change Survey after the suppliers have experienced the change for a relevant period of time. The difference between the Survey results would measure how well the implemented change is working.

Supply Base Standard Survey

Supply Base Custom Survey