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PPI relies exclusively on the use of large-scale internet-based surveys (i.e., not populations based on sampling), for all three of its Supply Base Surveys.

PPI’s experience suggests that the Supply Base Standard Survey is sufficient for the majority of our clients’ whose primary purpose is to determine the status of their current supplier working relations and get improvement recommendations. PPI has found that Supply Base Custom Survey may overwhelm some clients with too-much feedback at one time.

PPI encourages potential clients to discuss the pros and cons of the two surveys by contacting PPI.

Supply Base Standard Survey

Supply Base Standard™ Survey

The Supply Base Standard Survey is a Survey process developed by PPI, which follows academic survey methodologies, that solicits feedback from a client’s suppliers through a confidential online questionnaire and translates the supplier questionnaire responses into a realistic view of suppliers’ perceptions of their working relations with the client.

Supply-Base Pulse Survey

SuppSupply-Base Pulse™ Surveyy-Base Pulse™ Survey

PPI’s Supply-Base Pulse Survey is a customized short survey meant to focus on a client’s specific supplier-related topic. As a point of reference, PPI’s Supply Base Standard Survey and PPI’s Supply Base Custom Survey measure suppliers’ perceptions of their working relations with PPI’s clients and are centered on the Working Relations Index®.

Supply Base Custom Survey

Supply Base Custom™ Survey
PPI’s Supply Base Custom Survey originated in the early 1990s, when Planning Perspectives began conducting surveys for various North American automotive manufacturers to help them understand how to measure and improve their supplier working relations.