Supply Base Custom™ Survey

PPI’s Supply Base Custom™ Survey originated in the early 1990s, when Planning Perspectives began conducting surveys for various automotive manufacturers to help them understand how to improve their supplier working relations.

The Supply Base Custom™ Survey is a diagnostic process that solicits feedback from a client’s suppliers through a confidential online survey and translates the results into a realistic view of suppliers’ perceptions of their working relations with the client through the Working Relations Index®. Based on these results, PPI then prepares actionable and practical recommendations that help the client unlock the competitive potential of its supply base.

PPI’s experience suggests that the Supply Base Standard™ Survey is sufficient for our clients’ needs. Should there be an additional client-unique information that cannot be covered in the Supply Base Standard™ Survey, PPI suggests that the client consider the option of using the PPI’s Supply Base Pulse™ Survey. Contact PPI for additional information on the Supply Base Pulse™ Survey.
The Supply Base Standard™ Survey, is less comprehensive than the Supply Base Custom™ Survey in terms of unique client-specific questions, requires less up-front client involvement in questionnaire development, is implemented in a relatively short time and is lower cost.