Research Activities

PPI relies extensively on the use of large-scale internet-based surveys (i.e., not populations based on sampling) for the majority of its data-gathering effort to achieve the objectives of the client engagement. In the early years when internet-based surveys were not a viable option, PPI conducted large scale surveys by mail. To meet the objectives of client engagements and other internal PPI research activities, PPI uses telephone interviews, in-person interviews, and focus groups as appropriate.

PPI has expertise in research design that ensures that survey questionnaires meet recognized and proven design standards.

PPI also has in-house capability to apply the most appropriate analytic methodologies. These include highly sophisticated statistical tools and methodologies such as, structural modeling, to analyze the results of client supply base surveys. PPI has an extensive research library, a network of Research Associates plus an unparalleled supplier research database.  In addition, Dr. Henke can always rely on a  network of business professional  with practical experience as well as academicians with extensive backgrounds in business, social sciences, political sciences, economics, statistics and survey research.

Our supplier research database includes response values for every question in all our client surveys since 1992, including those in our Annual Automotive Industry™ Studies. As of June 2014, our supplier research database had over 35,000 completed supplier questionnaires across 18 manufacturing and service industries and around the world. PPI’s research supplier database has been the basis for numerous academic research articles in leading academic and business publications, which are subject to strict peer review processes.
Our supplier research database is managed using professional data management practices ensuring operational accuracy and stability, as well as security, including confidentiality and loss of data.