Advisory Services

PPI’s advisory services are generally limited to company-supplier working relations and company-supplier interfacing activities, both at the company and supplier. All advisory services are based on the assumption that strong, collaborative working relations are necessary for a company’s success in today’s competitive world.

Advisory services are automatically included as part of our Supply Base Custom™ Surveys and Supply Base Standard™ Surveys.

Examples of additional Stand-Alone advisory service:
Custom analysis and reporting of the Annual Automotive Industry™ Study results for automotive OEMs.  All reporting shared with OEMs conforms to our strict code of safeguarding the confidentiality of supplier feedback.  Reports never include the names of supplier companies or supplier contacts participating in the Annual Study.
Speaking engagements at company functions, educational seminars, academic and commercial conferences, business association meetings, supplier award events, etc., with the intent of promoting collaborative supplier relations.
Supply Base Standard™ Surveys that are developed specifically for a client to focus exclusively on a specific issue, program, process, or policy.  Examples of specific topics may include a focused survey on tooling policies, recovery of costs when product or service programs are cancelled, intellectual property issues, and so on.  The process generally includes interviews of client personnel for information necessary to design the questionnaire, development of a fairly short questionnaire, analysis of results, and presentation of results to the client.  As is the case with all our survey products, PPI conforms to our strict code of safeguarding the confidentiality of supplier feedback.
Review and recommendation on a company’s supplier segmentation process.
Management of focus groups whose purpose is to delve deeper into results identified in PPI’s various supplier surveys or other company-supplier working relations issues.
Review and recommendation on a company’s training program for personnel interfacing with suppliers, particularly purchasing personnel.
Contact us if you need more information on a specific advisory service that is not listed above.