Managing supplier satisfaction: Social capital and resource dependence frameworks

Published in Australasian Marketing Journal and authored by Holger Schiele, Scott. C. Ellis, Michael Eßig, John W. Henke Jr., and Thomas J. Kull Recently, supplier satisfaction has gained more attention both in practice and in academic research. However, the knowledge accumulation process is still in an embryonic and explorative phase. [...]

Leveraging boundary spanning capabilities to encourage supplier investment: A comparative study

Published in Industrial Marketing Management and authored by Chun Zhang, Fang Wu, and John W. Henke Jr. Despite growing recognition of the importance of boundary spanners at managing inter-organizational relationships, the process by which capabilities residing in boundary spanning individuals are leveraged to encourage partner firm investment [...]

Reciprocity between buyer cost sharing and supplier technology sharing

Published in Int. J. Production Economics and authored by Chun Zhang, John W. Henke Jr., and Sridhar Viswanathan Despite the increasing importance of integrating suppliers into buyer product development activities, the majority of the research on supplier integration focuses on the total cost reduction and benefits to the buyer rather than [...]