Other Supplier Working Relations Research

Supplier Working Relations Research

In-depth analysis of Buyer-Supplier concepts

In case you are wondering if there truly is value in implementing a confidential supplier survey to get supplier perceptions about how it is to work with your company, see Figure 6.

For a number of our client companies, PPI conducted internal surveys with the companies’ purchasing agents.  Essentially the same survey questions asked of the suppliers were asked of the purchasing agents.  Except, that each survey questions was asked from the purchasing agent’s perspective. Figure 6 shows that suppliers and the buyers (i.e. purchasing agents) that suppliers sales personnel that work with you on a daily basis have widely divergent views of their working relations with one another.

A few working relations research topics are summarized in the Figures shown below.

*For additional information on the research below, click on the Figure title; the link will take you the publication in which the topic was published.  All of Professor Henke’s published supplier working relations research can be found in Publications.