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Planning Perspectives, Inc. (PPI) is the world’s leading authority on company-supplier working relations. Located in Birmingham, MI,USA, PPI offers its clients an integrated approach to understanding and improving all aspects of their supplier-interfacing activities to help them develop profitable, sustainable marketplace competitive advantages.

Since conducting its first supplier survey for Ford Motor Company in 1990, PPI has become known for its proprietary assessment process based on confidential surveys of a client’s supply base to determine the suppliers’ perceptions of the client’s working relations. The assessment process includes the use of confidential Internet-based large-scale surveys, i.e., the Supply Base Custom™ Survey or the Supply Base Standard™ Survey.  These surveys provide clients a unique quantitative measure, the Working Relations Index®, plus additional statistically relevant data that provide a fact-based understanding of how suppliers perceive a client’s working relations policies, programs, and relationships.

The survey results are translated into actionable recommendations tailored specifically for the client and the client’s competitive situation. The recommendations are designed to unlock the tangible, competitive benefits of improving the client’s working relations with its suppliers.

In addition to our Supply Base Custom™ Survey and the Supply Base Standard™ Survey, our services include, the North American Annual Automotive Industry™ Study and other Advisory Services. Our Advisory Services are generally limited to client-supplier working relations issues.


Planning Perspectives Inc.